Guides and resources

Case study: How I got hold of

A case study of domain name acquisition, taking place over three years. It was worth it.

Amazon's European sites offline amid rumours of attack

Amazon suffered down time, potentially caused by attacks from hackers, in relation to Wikileaks.

Get hold of BT's UK-based staff

BT make it very difficult to get hold of any UK staff, unless you're looking to buy something. Here's the number of their UK Technical complaints team.

Slow BT Broadband?

How I am currently dealing with slow BT Broadband, and what you can do too.

How to transfer a domain name

This guide covers the domain name transfer process, which all registrars follow.

Block Google Analytics in Google Chrome

With Google Analytics set up, it's a good idea to opt-out of sending analytics data from your own computers to prevent skewing your statistics.

Drop catching a domain name

Discussion on the art and science of drop catching a domain name, following the process from identification of the domain, through monitoring of it's renewal status, to it's redemption period and subsequent deletion.

How to get Google Sitelinks

Google Sitelinks are a feature of Google search, applied where a website has authority with a search key-phrase. Pictured below, Sitelinks include up to eight additional links to your most important pages.

Setting up a website sitemap

Website sitemaps help keep search engines in the loop, providing them with a complete list of your website's pages. There are a few different types of sitemap, and this guide gives an overview of those, and how you can set them up.

Duplicate pages could be killing your website

Search engines aim to give users the best possible results. They want users to find relevant, valuable information quickly, minimising repetition. Pages containing largely similar or duplicate content are filtered out and hidden.

Domain name life cycle

Description of the domain name expiration process, and the associated states that a domain name will go through.

Aftermarket domain names

An introduction to buying second-hand domain names. How to approach the situation, and the options you have for buying a domain name.

Quick introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A quick introduction to search engine optimisation, without the technical detail. Everything you need to know to get started yourself.

Find out who owns a website

Non-technical introduction to WHOIS, and how to find out who owns a domain name.